Jan 4, 2016


2016 Presidential Elections, Who will you vote?

Philippine National Elections is on May 9, 2016 and that's approximately 4 months to go. Have you already decided who to vote for President? We have 5 Presidential Candidates to choose from and each of us are entitled of only 1 vote, so we have to vote smartly. Join our poll survey by clicking on to who you will vote for President on the right side of this page.

Presidential Candidates for Election 2016
Presidential Candidates

Jejomar Binay | Miriam Santiago | Rodrigo Duterte | Grace Poe | Mar Roxas

All these candidates have leadership quality and great platforms which is why it isn't easy to choose who's the best among them. But since we need to choose only one, then we have to make up our mind and make a choice.

We should take note of the mistakes we did on previous elections especially on the factors and beliefs that we considered upon deciding who to vote.

Common mistakes like:

  • Our decision is highly influenced by campaign ads. We didn't made an effort to know more about certain candidates and their political backgrounds. If the presentation of the ad is great and frequently seen/heard, we tend to choose that candidate.
  • We tend to follow the decision of our family / elders on who to vote.
  • We believe right away what we heard on the news regarding issues involving candidates. We judge without analyzing.
  • We decide based on popularity of the candidate and their family.
  • We choose based on the candidate's wealth believing that if they are rich already they won't commit corruption.
  • We choose candidates who have outstanding educational background which is good but most of the time we forget to consider their character as well.
  • We re-elect a candidate because of the assistance that we received during calamities as if we owe it to them.
  • We vote candidates that will give us something during their campaign. May it be in a form of goods or cash.
Mentioned above are just a few examples of our common mistakes in choosing a candidate to vote for a certain position. And when problems arises we give all the blame to them not thinking that it is our fault on the first place why they got their position in the government.

This coming election is our chance to correct our mistakes. Let us do our part by giving time in knowing these candidates and analyzing who would be the best among them to govern our country.

Before we decide, we have to consider some things such as:

  • What are the problems/ issues our country is facing and identify which should be given priority for a solution.
  • What changes should be done in our country and government that we would like to see.
  • Is our chosen candidate has the capabilities in providing efficient (without wasting time, effort, or expense)  and visible solution?
  • Is our chosen candidate can show us proof of his/her good leadership so we could validate their capabilities. We are tired of promises and false hopes, right?

These are only a few examples of things we should consider that would serve as our guide in making the right decision.

If you have suggestions which you think should be mentioned on the above examples, feel free to post your comment below.

Before you go, I am inviting you to participate on the poll survey found on the upper right of this page. Select on the Presidential candidate of your choice and click vote.

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