Jan 15, 2016


Davao City's 911 Emergency Response


Did You Know That Davao City Has Its Own 911 Emergency Response?

One of the things that really amazed me of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's leadership is when I learned all about Davao City's Central Communication and Emergency Response Center or commonly referred to as Central 911.

Davao Emergency Response
Davao City Central 911

Davao City's Central 911 is the first of its kind emergency response system in the Philippines and in Asia, and the third in the world after United States and Canada. It is highly computerized, fully integrated emergency and rescue dispatch system that links the residents of Davao to the entire emergency resources of Davao City by providing immediate response to emergencies when dialing 911 on any land line or mobile phone.


It was patterned after the 911 system of United States and Canada, and uses a modified version of its Geographic and Information System (GIS) called Emergency Computer  Aided Dispatch (ECAD). ECAD is a computerized mapping system that allows authorities to locate the origin of the distress call and even tracks police response time to emergency calls. Unlike in United States and Canada, Davao City's Central 911 services is free of charge.
Davao City Central 911 presently consists of fire auxiliaries, K-9 Units, Urban Search and Rescue Teams, Police and Emergency Medical Services. The center operates 24/7 and is interconnected with telecommunications companies such as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, Bayantel, Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular, to enable easy access via mobile phone.
It has its own call center that operates 24/7 and answers emergency calls, gathers information, and forwards it to ECAD which deploys the appropriate respond nearest to the scene.

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Why it was made possible in Davao to have this great, world class service and not on any other place in our country? Simply because their leader, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is not corrupting people's taxes and makes sure that they got what they are paying for their taxes.
If Duterte will be our next President, we are sure that services like this can be made possible in the whole country. We could finally get back what's worth our taxes.

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