Feb 2, 2016


Duterte Vows To Stop Illegal Drugs in Philippines


Duterte Vows to Stop Illegal Drugs in Philippines within 3-6 months if elected President.

Duterte For President

Duterte have been very vocal how much he hates drugs and vows to stop Drug-Lords' Illegal Drugs Trade within 3-6 months if elected to be the President this 2016.
Illegal Drug Trades existed for decades in our country but unlike before where it seemed minimal, nowadays, it is very rampant. It exists all over the country and is very rampant. Illegal drugs used to be available only on major cities and is accessible to few. But now, it is available everywhere even on rural areas and even sold to young people (minor age).

Watching the news, everyday there are reports regarding Illegal drugs and most number of crimes recorded is related to it. This documentary shows that Illegal drugs trade have entered 92% of barangays in Metro Manila alone. What's worse is the Famous Mexican Drug Cartel have entered our country.
Our current administration does not have the capacity to solve Illegal Drugs problem in our country.
I strongly believe that Mayor Rody Duterte got what it takes to solve this problem. The courage and determination. Illegal Drugs is manufactured inside Muntin Lupa Jail and I don't believe that officials in our government doesn't know about it yet nobody dared to brought it up except for Duterte.
Duterte is a man who walk his talk and talk his walk. But he is not a super hero. He cannot do it alone. So if we all want him to win this battle against crimes and illegal drugs, we need to give him our support.
If you haven't seen Duterte's greetings to criminals last Christmas, don't miss it. Watch it now.

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