Mar 2, 2016


Presidential Candidate Mayor Duterte's Call To All Filipinos

Presidential Elections is merely 2 months to go. Have you decided who to vote?  If you haven't, read on what Duterte has to say to all of us and to understand his intentions and platforms.
To those who have made their choice to support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's Presidential campaign and determined to vote him for President, hear his message to all of you. The change is coming.

Mayor Rody Duterte
Duterte's Message to Filipinos

Rodrigo Duterte's Message:

"Is it going to be another 6 years of crime, drugs, and continuing poverty and corruption? Or do we once and for all fix our country so our coming generations will have a future? The clock is ticking. The transformation must begin now. It is time to decide if you and I will make the sacrifice needed and transform ourselves so we will be worthy for our country. Sama-sama na nating ayusin ang ating bayan."

 "I am being given a chance by God to participate in the Presidential Challenge, which I first hesitated to accept but have fully embraced. The transformation must start with me. From a Local Leader, I have to become a National Leader worthy of your respect and trust. I also have to become a leader that the world will respect as our country's member of a community of nations. And even if we do change our country, we still need to co-exist with other nations to sustain growth."

Mayor Duterte explains his government platforms if given a chance to be the next President.

 "I have laid down my program of Government:
  1. Less crime and drug-free society where citizens police themselves.
  2. Reducing the cost of food by up to 50% by getting rid of unscrupulous middle-men and '5/6' Loan Sharks and mustering government resources to build infrastructure for the delivery of food to lessen spoilage.
  3. Creating jobs here by industrializing. Building our steel industry that will spawn factories and create jobs. Establishing a "Business Island" where multinationals can create their own business haven, govern themselves and build to fit their needs. If we can lease our lands for military bases - why not lease an island doing nothing - to create our own version of Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore. The jobs will come here. Going abroad must be a choice not a necessity.
  4. Education - we will build adequate classrooms and raise the salary of teachers and double the shifts of our own classes even teaching with the use of large screen TVs. Government media and our schools must teach values of honesty, hard work, respect for the law, and above all dignity and pride as Filipinos. For it is only with Spiritual Growth that we can sustain Material Growth. I have done many of these in Davao even with existing limitations of our government structures.
With your help, we can do it nationwide."

"The Drug Lords will try to kill me. The Crooked Rich Businessmen and corrupt elements will spend big money to prevent me from changing the order of things. Our country needs an overhaul. Sama-sama nating linisin at ayusin and ating mahal na bayan. Hindi ko sila aatrasan lalo na kung nasa likod ko kayo. Kumilos na kayo. Kausapin ninyo ang mga kamag-anak ninyo, ang mga kaibigan ninyo. This is the sacrifice you must make. Spread the word that revolution to change the present order of things is coming. Make your own posters, print your own T-shirts, build your own billboards, because I will not accept money for my campaign from those who want to buy my principles. This country is no longer for sale. Everyone must undergo a transformation. Sama-sama tayo, upakan natin."

Tapang at Malasakit! Duterte for President! Let us all unite and make change possible. Are you with us? Let us know what you think by posting your comment below.
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  1. Rodrigo Duterte should be our President! Change is coming. We can do it if we unite as one!


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