Jun 9, 2016


Carlos Celdran's Petition for President Duterte to Resign

carlos celdran petition

Carlos Celdran - Spanish Filipino tour guide, cultural activist, performing artist, and a known die-hard supporter of Mar Roxas (Liberal Party), started an online petition in Change.org for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to resign and not take the job of the President.

He stated in his petition to Duterte:
"It's less than a month away from your inauguration as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines and you have proven yourself as unworthy, unstable, and unfit to run a nation of 100 million people.

In the past weeks you said that erring journalists deserve to die, disrespected women at your press conferences, used homophobic language, appointed a foreign secretary willing to compromise Philippine sovereignty to China, appointed a DPWH secretary who has interests in real estate development, insulted the United Nations, Singapore, Australia, the Pope, and people with disabilities. You also admitted that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was your real alliance politically.
Finally, your constant surreal midnight press conferences have shown us all that you are ill-tempered, erratic, perverted, and a proud advocate of human rights violations.
You yourself have said that you will not die if you weren't president. As a man of honor, keep your word. Do not accept the job as President of the Philippines. Please resign. Now.
Thank you."

It has currently 5,068 supporters who signed his petition.

I really don't understand what he and his supporters are thinking. Have he forgotten about the 16 Million Filipinos who voted for Duterte? What exactly do they want to happen with our country ? Wanting Duterte to resign, then what? Let Robredo be the President? They have proven the "Plan B" rumor to be true.

Campaign period is long over and still they want us to be divided against each other. As a Duterte supporter, my aim was to help him unite our country in facing all the problems. This is suppose to be the time of healing and reaching out to others who we have battle against last election period. I guess a lot of them are still bitter and haven't moved on.

I want to prove to them and to their supporters that DDS army's support doesn't end with Duterte's winning the election. Our support will be there all through out his administration.

To put an end to this malicious motivated petition, I signed in supporting the petition to Cancel Carlos Celdran's Petition Against Duterte For Trolling.

Just click on the button below if you want to support this petition. Mga ka DDS, let's do this!

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