Jan 4, 2016


Revelations: What Duterte Did To Davao City

Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte

Most people fear Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to be the President of our country, Philippines, because they see him as a Dictator based on his tough personality and his style in battling against criminals.

Some says they won't vote for him because Philippines will be in Martial Law like what happened during President Ferdinand Marcos' term. When they hear Duterte speaks, nothing else registers in their mind but only the word kill.

I even heard from some who sees Duterte as a criminal and says he isn't fit to run for the Presidential position.

If Duterte is really the kind of person what these people say he is, then why are there millions of Filipinos begging for Duterte to run for President?

I think these are close-minded and uncultured (lacks knowledge) people that is why they are making exaggerated assumptions. (drawing conclusions from a statement that is assumed/ unverified to be true)

Close-minded in a sense that they only hear what they wanted to hear and that's the word kill. So they missed the whole point.

Uncultured in a sense that they lack knowledge about Duterte. All they know is his tough approach with his battle against criminals and they thought it is the only thing he can do then end of story.

Watch this video as it reveals the truth, still unknown to many people, on what Duterte did to Davao City and its people.


This progress has been made possible mainly because their leader Mayor Rodrigo Duterte isn't corrupting the taxes and funds of his government.

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